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Serious security for serious businesses

As businesses become increasingly reliant on technology to store data and communicate with clients, they also become exponentially more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Data can be stolen, erased, or ransomed, and once a system is penetrated, the damage can be nearly impossible to fix.

Small to mid-sized businesses are especially susceptible to cyber attacks, yet often lack the proper infrastructure for prevention.  Most small businesses don’t think of themselves as likely targets, which is precisely why in the world of hacking, small business is big business.  Standard antivirus software won’t make the cut against these attacks, and most IT guys aren’t even trained to prevent or handle them.

That’s where we come in.

Keystone’s team of security experts draws upon years of experience managing cyber security for large Fortune 500 companies.  Now, we are bringing tailor-made, cutting-edge security to your company, protecting both you and your customers from cyber attacks.


"Keystone was thorough, clear, and provided a solid foundational strategy and road-map for our digital security needs. we recommend them highly.”

Josh Ashenberg  |   Madison Trust Company


Industries we protect



Your job is to keep people healthy, our job is to keep your nursing homes, pharmacies, hospitals, and medical offices, running smoothly and efficiently.



As accountants and payroll managers, you guard a proverbial goldmine… both literally and figuratively. Let us be the ‘Fort Knox’ that keeps your information and finances safe and secure




Regardless of your skill at manipulating judges and juries, no amount of clever reasoning will convince a hacker to give back your information. Let Keystone represent your cyber security needs.



No business can survive off no business, and a cyber breach can bring yours crashing to a halt. Make sure you are protected, so ‘business as usual’ always stays just that.


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real estate services

You wouldn’t list a home that doesn’t have locks on the door, so why would you leave your company’s back-end wide open for anyone to walk in?


“We started seeing dramatic change in a matter of days.”

Yossi Zicherman | Valmar surgical Supplies


360° security that makes hackers do a 180°

At Keystone, we work alongside your IT team to provide you with a 360° tailor-made security solution, protecting both you and your customers from cyber attacks, hackers, and phishers.


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Risk Assessments & Remediation

  • Security posture analysis

  • Security gap identification

  • Penetration Testing

  • Cyber management plan creation


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  • Network traffic monitoring

  • Security alert & response

  • 24/7 Network protection

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Security Awareness Training

  • Employee baseline testing

  • Simulated phishing attacks

  • Employee training



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  • HIPAA and PCI regulation compliance

  • Gap analysis

  • Compliance roadmap creation

  • Compliance remediation


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Meet Mordy

For over a decade, Mordy has successfully worked with hundreds of businesses to secure and maintain their IT environments. After spending several years building the cyber defenses that protected (and still protect) one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, Mordy founded Keystone Cyber Protection, bringing his expertise to small and medium-sized businesses.

With extensive IT experience in the medical, financial and retail fields, there is almost no vertical with which Mordy is not intensely familiar. As a respected tech instructor, Mordy has also trained dozens of technicians in the field today, through his singular Desktop and Support training course.

Mordy is the holder of several cyber security certifications, including CISSP and GCIH.


Let’s talk about your cybersecurity needs

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